Half of February was very quiet. Like every year January and February usually are. As I am not into winter sports, I stayed at warm visiting my father sometimes, cinema, drinks with friends and once I also visited David and his family. They are all doing well 🙂 The Valentines day I have spent with father, we went to the restaurant and after were watching tv. Love has many sites 🙂
Few days after Valentines day I had work 7 and 6 hours with one Belgium client. It was great, we had beautiful weather, so we did a lot of sightseeing and had nice rest in bed after. I like such meetings as there is enought time for little walk, food and bed fun. Spring is coming so I hope I will have more clients to show our amazing city 🙂
Then, like every month, I went to visit my friend Bernie to Germany. To go there is like going to vacation, he takes care about me and about everything, program, food, movies, I am like a princess 🙂 In winter time we usually dont walk much outside, so we are travelling with car or train, see little of the cities, eat and travelling back home. Our days are all the same but so different, I like it.
Winter time is always boring as I cannot go for my trips with car for walk to the nature what I love so much. But winter is slowly finishing and my sneakers are getting ready :-))
In around 1 month we will start going to our summer cottage again, so some of my weekends may be busy. Dont miss the opportunity to meet me to use the fantasy and experience in moments you are alone :-))

Yours Lucky