December was unexpectedly quiet. In last month of the year I celebrated my name day very easy at my favourite restaurant and the same was as for my birthday with a few friends.
At the beginning of December I also visited my father, he was already happily living in a new flat. The flat is nice, warm and near his job and supermarket, so he doesnt even need a car there 🙂 I also went there for Christmas, but…….there was so much snow! I am not use to drive in a snow as in Prague almost doesnt snow, so it was a pure horror. I was like a real beginner :-)) And because the village is in the mountains and the snow doesnt wanna go away, I didnt go there for already 2 months. I will go there this Sunday for 2 nights, so keep me fingers I will stay alive 🙂
Christmas with father was nice, easy like we always have. I was cooking the traditional food and in the evening we watched tv. A week after I also visited my brother. Their daughter is now 1,5 years old and so cute 🙂 They are really happy parents 🙂
For a New Year I stayed in Prague with my good friend Emanuel and Christina, they also have a child – 1 year old boy, but this child is a gift from God as he almost never cry 🙂 We all went for a lunch and then I stayed with them untill midnight. They had also other visitors so we were not alone. Christina was cooking so it was like traditional easy going home party 🙂
Whole January looked like EVERYBODY WENT SOMEWHERE FOR A VACATION. I had very few work, emails, phone calls, looked like everybody died! Really everybody wanted sex only with their wifes?!
Now on February they are slowly starting to have absinence syndrome so finally I can have sex again too 🙂 Yes, this is my only sex I have, I have no private life so if you let me wait too long I become an angry tiger….Like you, mens :-))
Enought jokes and lets be serious. I am free and waiting for each of you. Cues outside my house with wines and flowers to apologise. Beging for meeting me :-)) It is a new year and I dont want my flower to fade. My hand is starting to be tired of using vibrator. New year means new dreams. So my dream is to meet every male over 18 years old, everybody who has penis and money :-))))))
I believe you also toke some resolts few minutes after midnight and I hope I am one of it 🙂 Then – see you 🙂

Yours Lucky