In the beginning of March I went to visit my friend Bernie for few days, like every month 🙂 Sometimes is little work in Prague so I take it as vacation, as adventure, I like Germany 🙂
Nothing really happen interesting on March, I had some work, some cinemas, drinks with my friends and also many TV evenings with my father, who lives next street and with brother we bought him a new big flat TV for his 60 birthday on January, so sometimes I go there, bring food or we cook and having few beers we are watching movies, like a couple :-)) Now, as spring finally came, some afternoons we are walking outside with his small dog. Last weekend David went for the first time of this year to our summer cottage to prepare it for the season. But we stayed with father at home as the weather was bad. So hopefully next weekend it will be our premiere also, we are very looking forward!
Do you remember my Ostrava friend? We didnt meet for almost a year, he had some worries with his bussiness. Now is better, so I went for a weekened by train to Ostrava. It was so nice to see him after such a long time. I had amazing pension in Beskydy mountains, the weather was sunny so we enjoyed a lot, my born location 🙂
Once we also went with father to visit David to see my niece Ella. She is so cute, 6 months 🙂 We had a small walk with her and then, because was a beautiful sunny day, were sitting outside in the garden. When winter finish the mood is always better 🙂
And what are your plans for spring months? Will you travel somewhere? If you will come to Prague I can guide you in the city and in the bed :-))

Yours Lucky