Beginning of March started great, as I went to the show of motorcycles. It was unplanned as it was near my work flat. You know I love motos a lot and since my 21 years old I wished to own one, but never happened. And when I thought last year I could buy one, my friend from Ostrava drove me on his moto (Ducatti) and I discovered it doesnt interest me that much anymore as drive such a moto you need to be in a good shape with strongness, especially arms. Other kind of motos doesnt interest me. I didnt ride moto for 3 years and nobody is getting younger :-))

The second week of March we had first small food festival. It was about pork meet. The weather was still bit cold, so I stayed there for only an hour, but aet few good things 🙂

I also went for a colonhydrotherapy as the spring has started to clean my stomach after winter time. I did that several times 2 years ago, but this time I couldnt stay the pain. So I went only 1 time. I also went to my favourite leech treatment! I had 8 to clean my stomach, underbelly, liver and lymfatic system. I also took my father with me (his first time) as he has problem with his back.

Last March weekend came the real spring. Was around 17 degrees and sun, so I decided on Saturday to go by car to Mácháč – if you remember the lake near Prague I went several times last year. I stayed for a night in my favourite hotel and did nice walk around. I love that place so much 🙂

And finally last weekend I went for a night to our summer cottage! For the first time this year as was 20 degrees. My father and brother went there, so we were working outside in the afternoon and then made a grill party as we do always. This time we didnt drink that much as we had to drive on Sunday back. Thanks God it is spring so I can visit beautiful places and enjoy the sun 🙂

I have big news for you – my brother and his girlfriend are waiting their first baby!! So I will be an aunt 🙂 It should born on October. We are all proud and happy 🙂

I hope you are also happy, otherwise I can make you in bed or by showing our amazing city 🙂

Yours Lucky