As every year, after long winter, we all were expecting a bit of sun and warm. This year was winter unusually long but last weekend spring finally came! What a nice days with more daylight, you can feel the energy, everyone is outside having walk or a beer 🙂 Even me I have to stay longer outside as I am not a winter person (dont ski). But spring is small summer and this is something for me 🙂

Last month I didnt do much. Some days I went for a ride with my car (still no accident :-)). Usually I drive in Prague to some restaurants or on weekends outside Prague for a walk to a nature. One weekend I went for 2 days to a czech spa city Poděbrady. What a lovely city. And few days ago I went to Mělník. I was surprised how charming is this small city near Prague, I can really recommend!
There is fork of 2 rivers, castle and church. And many restaurants and patisseries 🙂

Another weekend I also went to Brno for a party! I was for a party after half year…..Me! I knew why wait….A lot of dance and alcohol :-)))) But great djs and I saw some of my friends after long time. I really enjoyed.
That was also a weekend when my brother moved out of Prague with his girlfriend. They bought a house in a very small village 1 h outside of Prague. What a difference compare to capital! Here is everything and there is not even a pub for a beer! I would die there :-)))) But they are happy as they dont need the city rush. And in 2 years wanna have a family so paradise for a child.

I hope you are also having nice spring in your town, had nice Easter and as the weather is better can take you for a walk as a guide 🙂

And after walk some hot moments in bed…… 🙂

Your Lucky

Lucky Theodorova, Amanda Heart