Eddie, Mexico, August 2019

Is her name Lucky or is that the name you will be calling yourself when meeting this former model and porn star? I have to admit I was a bit nervous before I met her, but all those nerves went away as soon as I met this lady. Her smile will be the first thing you will notice. We had drinks at my hotel where we chatted like old friends. My god this lady has such an interesting life! You can ask her anything and she will have a story! What I loved about our meeting was that she was able to change the topics and focus on YOU! Yes you. This meeting isn’t all about her and you feel how natural the conversation goes. She is an excellent listener. She heard my life story about my divorce, my horrible life growing up, and she made me feel like the sexiest man alive. I am not by all means model attractive (an 8 at most on a good day) but wow I felt great around her.

I also had an issue with my penis size growing up and she helped answered my question that has bothered me for years. Turns out being a grower and not a shower isn’t all that bad! Heck she even complimented my penis on how nice looking it was. Anyways we went back to my room and we had so much fun having sex. It truly felt like a girlfriend experience. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much while having sex. Oral was great because she sucked me up like a true porn star! Loved it. She even allowed a film session which is quite possibly one of the best souvenirs one can own. Oral skills are 10/10, sex was 10/10, oh man I can’t stop thinking about it.

Anyways after all that, we had such an amazing good time being friends that she offered to give me some extra time at no charge and show me some good Czech food! How could I refuse!! She showed me some traditional food which was some duck with gravy, potatoes and this frothy milk dessert. More laughs, more talking, she said I have inspired her and I wish her the best in her long and short term goals.

Keith, Scotland, September 2019

Scotland says that this is a classy woman with erudite skills that puts you at easy in her company to ensure an enjoyable time will be had.

Olavi, Finland, August 2019

I met Lucie on one hot summer day in Prague, perhaps she was to blamed for the heat. My first impression about Lucie is that she has a lovely face, one with kindness and authenticity. We went out for a lunch, and Lucie stayed true to the stereotype that Czech women can beat you at drinking game. Other than that defeat, which I lost in joy, I had fun when listening to Lucie telling me about her past stories. We then went to my hotel, where we made love for 2 hours. We continued talking about ourselves in between to keep both physical and emotional connection strong at all times.

Marco, Paris, February 2019

When meeting Lucky the first thing that strikes you is her smile and easy going attitude. We had lunch and had a enjoyable chat and laugh. The next thing I knew we were in my room which I was looking forward to. I was not disappointed…. I had a great sex and enjoyed her body for an hour. She made things natural and sensual + she likes having sex which made even more exciting. It was the best way to start my week-end in Prague. I hope to see you soon Sexy

Ryan, USA, July 2018

I recently had the chance to spend some time with Lucky during a visit to Prague.  Like most reviewers, I had been a fan of hers for some time, so I could not pass up the opportunity to meet her in person. Communication with Lucky via email was prompt and professional.  When the agreed upon date and time arrived, Lucky showed up precisely on time and looking just as lovely as one might expect.  Conversation with Lucky covered a broad range of topics– never dull, always funny and charming.  Her natural ease and good nature also make even the most intimate of activities great fun, free of the usual anxiety and awkwardness.  What really stands out when spending time with Lucky is how totally down to earth and unpretentious she is– there is nothing remotely “diva”-like about her in any way.  Meeting her was truly a delightful experience, one that I definitely hope to repeat if I am ever again in her beautiful city.

Ryan, United States

Lars, Sweden, June 2018

Looks: 10 out of 10. Service :8 out of 10. Communication: 10 out of 10. I have been with Lucie some times and hope to do so many times moore! Lucie is a wunderful girl. She is always smiling so you feel good too. But what I like most is her brown eyes. Look in them and you feel like you want to drown in them. It is very easy to talk with her and the conversation may bee in general or very personal. Lucie can propose good places for eating  and with lokal courses. By the way, she is sexy too and like to play in bed. Thinking of you


Dutchy, Holand, July 2017

It was the third time I met Lucky. The first time was a year ago. You can read my review of that meeting below (30 June 2016). The second time was last winter. That it was now the third time, in fact, says enough. I like her a lot.
This time I had a 12-hour meeting with Lucky again.
In the morning I went by tram to her apartment. At the tram stop, she was already waiting for me. The reason I went to her apartment was that she suggested to go to the film festival in Karlovy Vary. After a drink, we went on our way, we went by car and Lucky was my private driver. She told me that I was her first customer, with which she was in her car. In her blogs she has already told her about her car experiences. The ride from Prague to Karlovy Vary was about two hours, but I can tell you that Lucky is a good driver.
Our stay in Karlovy Vary was enjoyable. The atmosphere in the city was complete film, but during the day there were not many film stars. But I realized that there was a very nice movie star walking next to me. We walked a lot and visited a few terraces. It was very enjoyable together. After about four hours we start the return journey.
Back in Prague, we walked from Lucky’s apartment to my hotel. In my hotel room we explored each other in a different way and, like the previous times, it was very pleasant. After our private time we had a delicious dinner at a, by Lucky recommended, restaurant.
Overlooking all day. Lucky is very pleasant companion and I expect that we will see again one more time.


Ivo, Czech Republik, May 2017

Lucky was my first payed escort so I was a bit nervous. But who wouldnt be meeting a real pornstar! I knew she finished in porn industry few years ago so I was happy she is doing escort at least. First time we had few hours, we went for a dinner and then I couldnt wait to jump with her to the bed. It was as good as I expected. Even she is few years older then in her movies, she still knows what to do to please a man. Also we had nice conversation, she is funny and you can talk with her about whatever. After that evening I met her several times as we became friends. Sometimes we are meeting for a weekend and travel. Lucky is not 20 years old topmodel, she is just girl nextdoor, still pretty, adult, smart and funny. I am glad we understand eachother and keep meeting as she is the type of girl makes you feel special, a real girlfriend experience.

From Steve, USA, February 2017

Having a crush on Lucie for the last 10 years or so, I was absolutely caught off guard to see that I could finally meet her in person.  It turns out that her persona is far different than what I imagined.  Lucie is a sweet, kind, cultured lady with a smile that can electrify the room.  I don’t believe she stopped smiling for even a minute during my several hour encounter with her.

I can tell you that I enjoyed the complete experience with her.  Beyond the obvious activity associated with us meeting, she can hold a conversation in english, allbeit with the most attractive accent, while charming you with those beautiful eyes. Those eyes are stuck in my mind 🙂
I am already thinking of my next meeting with the uniquely beautiful lady that is Lucie.


From Aurelien, France, Oktober 2016

“I was kinda nervous before meeting Lucky. I didn’t know if it would really happen because it was the first time I was doing this. So I was waiting at the lobby of my hotel drinking a tea to try to calm me down a little. And finally, here she appeared.

She was so stunningly beautiful. I offered a drink and we started to talk. I was so impressed to see how easy is to talk with her. She is so charming, kind and sweet. Then, we went to my room and we started to take a shower. Despite my cold hands, it was a marvellous moment. After that, we went on the bed. I was still feeling nervous. I had the feeling to go several years back when I had my first sex time. So I can say I had a 2nd first time. But she is so sweet, so kind, so adorable, so charming. I was so impressed how her skin is soft and sweet. I will never forget that feeling especially when I was massaging her back. We also talked together and for once in my life, I could talk openly to somebody because I could trust in her.
Once our initmate time was over, I invited her for diner. She showed me 1 of her favourite place and we had a really nice dinner together.
Lucky is really the most wonderful woman in this world, she is only perfect in every way. I can even say that she is a real goddess. And for sure, I will see her again.
So thank u for having making me happy, thank u for everything.”


From Jack, USA, July 2016

1st meeting

It was very easy to organise a booking with Lucie who responded quickly and before I knew it I was meeting her in my hotel foyer. Lucie does not look older than mid-twenties and is pure class in how she dresses and presents herself. I love her long hair groomed with the classic part on the left that is synonymous with Lucie’s “brand”.  Time with Lucie is a real treat and she is a great conversationalist and is passionate about the things she loves like her city, Prague. I had a 6-hour booking and so was fortunate to spend a magical afternoon with Lucie, getting to know her, sharing refreshments and food, and then moving on to some private time. Lucie has a wonderful attitude to sex of which I was glad as my sexual tension was sky high. Back in the hotel room the sex was wonderful. With Lucie sex is just like living, eating and breathing.  It is a good and natural thing to do.  The sex was great but the bonus was meeting Lucie “the person” I could not wait to meet her again.

2nd meeting

For our second 6-hour meeting, since we now knew each other, I felt comfortable enough to suggest the agenda – eat first, then have sex, and then enjoy each other’s company. When we met, it brought home to me how classically classy Lucie is.  This time she was wearing a light cream coloured dress with delicate splashes of floral colour, sandals to match, and with immaculately groomed hair. We hurried off to a nearby café to have lunch, and the anticipation of the upcoming personal time was very much “in the air”. I guess men have this urge that needs to be satisfied, and having a connection with Lucie “the person” raised the sexual tension for what was about to happen.  Back in the bedroom our sex was very intimate. I enjoyed helping Lucie undress, and after showers spending time to connect physically and emotionally with kisses and hugs. Following the foreplay, we went into action with mutual oral, and multiple positions for penetration. When it came, my orgasm was intense, and oh so erotic. I was very special to be sharing it with Lucie. About her orgasm, Lucie said that “I had a little orgasm, but it’s OK because I used a vibrator this morning!”.  This was all said in Lucie’s delightful accent with its rolling Rs   This is pure Lucie and shows how sexually liberated she is, and how pleasant and natural sex can be once you get to know her.

After getting rid of our sexual needs, we then had the most delightful 4 hours wandering around Prague. We did real tourist things, and pleasant everyday things like s spot of clothes shopping, and stopping in a café to enjoy some cake and drinks. When the time came, I found it very hard to say goodbye because I could spend forever with Lucie but regular life must go on.  Sure, some of this is about sex – the basic human instinct and need – but a lot of this if you are lucky enough to meet Lucie, is also about the opportunity to meet a most interesting, admirable and loveable lady.


Elegant couple Finland, 26.7., Prague, 1 h:

Me and my wife want to thank you so much for our meeting in Prague! We memorized all the things happened so many times during our trip and now home. We spoke much about your great personality, lovely smile, natural beautiness, sophisticated manners and way to handle the meeting especially when we had so little earlier experience.

Your presence and way to handle the meeting encouraged my wife to try many new things she had only dreamed before. Before the meeting our fear was that someone cold person would arrive. But you was such a warm and smart person with great personality.

Once more our biggest thanks! We wish you all the best for future and all the luck(y) and good fortune for everything you do or decide to try.

We really loved you! We were really Lucky to have someone like you when arranging something like this for the first time.

Dutchy  from Netherland, Meeting date: 30 June 2016; Place: Prague.

First some history. About 10 years ago Lucky was my favorite actress in adult movies. I first noticed her in the Private movie Cleopatra (2003). Then she was a young actress. After some other movies she disappeared from the scene.

And  3 years later she came back. I was happy to see her again on the screen and I think she was even more beautiful then the first period. 

Three years ago I also was in Prague, but unfortunately a meeting couldn’t be arranged, because Lucky was out of town.

And now 2016. I was planning my holiday in Prague and through Lucky’s website I saw she was available as a guide. First I contacted her and ask her if she was available in the period I had planned my holiday. The only available day was 30 June. After some mails, a twelve hour meeting was arranged.

My arrival date was 29 June and that evening we had a contact by phone. I stayed in a hotel in the neighborhood of the Powder Tower and give her my room number. We would meet at 10:30.

The next morning she knocked on the door exactly on time. After I opened the door she walked into my room. Just as beautiful as I remembered her. I just was thinking: “Yes, I’m gonna spend a day with her”!

We talked for a while and that was very easy and took the plans of the day.

First we had a bed session. I will not talking about the details, but I can tell it was very comfortable. She was clear about what she does and doesn’t. But all I want was allowed.

After a shower we went out of the hotel and on a terrace we took a lunch.

Since I had already seen much of Prague during my previous visit, our next step was a trip to Karlštejn. A small town just outside Prague, with a famous castle. We went over there by train. During the trip we talk a lot with each other and it felt like we had known each other a long time. It was very relaxed. From the station to the castle was a walk of about 20 minutes. We took part in a tour of the castle and all sorts of information was told about the history of Charles IV. After the tour we walked back to the station. Meanwhile, it started raining. Luckily we had an umbrella with us and closely we walked back to the station. During the return journey Lucky laid her head against my shoulder and took a nap.

Back in Prague we went back to my hotel room. First we took a bath together. Then we moved to the bed and for the second time this day we were intimate with each other. It was all very pleasant and it was therefore a longer session.

Now it was time for a dinner. Lucky knows a lot of good restaurants and also gave advice to me for the next few days. But this evening we end up in a restaurant with a roof terrace, from where we had a nice view over the neighborhood. We sat opposite each other and each time our eyes met, we smiled. We had a lot of fun together.

The last hour of our meeting we end up in a strip club where I had a very bizarre experience. But what was that is stays between Lucky and me.

Then remained goodbye. We gave each other a few goodbye kisses and then she left. I had a brilliant day with a beautiful woman.

If I visit Prague again I’m sure a meeting with Lucky will be placed on the program. Back in my hometown, reflect on the day with Lucky, I still smile.

Jan from Netherland

Two weeks ago I had a 2 hour meeting with Lucky and I shouldn’t even write this review, because I want her all for myself  ! I opened the door and I met a smart beautiful funny lady that was all that I could wish for. We had a drink and talk about so many things. She made me feel so relaxed, that moving forward to the bed was a natural next step.

She went into the shower and 5 minutes later there she was!!! Wrapped  in a towel like a present total fresh and all for me ! I will not go into details about what we did but it was more than I had hoped for.

I will definitely meet her again when I am back in Prague.

From Stanley Riiks, London

In the early 2000s I fell in love with the beautiful Czech girl-next-door, Lucie (Lucky) Theodorova. She quickly became one of my favourite pornstars. She was beautiful, with cover-girl looks, a sexy body and sweet, innocent personality. Little did I know all those times she made me cum with her sweet smile, gorgeous eyes and body-to-die-for that I would actually get to meet her years later.
I contacted Lucie through her website, her english is very good, and a few emails and a couple of texts later and I arrived in Prague and Lucie arrived at the door to my hotel room (a nice, traditional four star double in the shadow of Prague Castle).
I was more than a little star struck, one of my favourite pornstars was in my bedroom! I was so nervous, I blathered, but Lucie smiled at me and told me she would do everything. And she did! Multiple positions, including my favourite: standing up with Lucie bent over in front of a mirror so I could watch that pretty face while I banged her from behind. Oral without a condom, and the way she looked up at me and smiled with my cock in her mouth was just extraordinary. Spending time with Lucie was a joy and a pleasure.
Lucie is so beautiful, with her deep brown eyes you can lose yourself in, gorgeous long brunette hair and pornstar body. She has hardly changed in the years since retiring from porn.
Lucie offers a virtually perfect girlfriend experience (no FK), she is sweet, sensual, enthusiastic, funny, warm, friendly, kind, and every inch the beautiful former pornstar. Lucie is a delight. She is energetic and clearly loves her job. She is the kind of woman you would love to be your girlfriend, the kind you could take out with your friends (and they would all be jealous), and take home to your mum who would love her too.
Lucie is beautiful inside and out. You could not wish for a better partner, or a love lier person to spend a couple of hours with. An amazing, dream-fulfilling experience.
I wish I could win her heart.

Tony from USA:

I heard a light knock on my hotel room door. I opened it, and there stood a very pretty woman with a warm smile. I invited her in, and we awkwardly hugged, and kissed. She excused herself to a quick shower. Lucky came out of the shower naked, kind of hiding behind the tiny towel I gave her. She joined me on my tiny bed, and started to get friendly. Soon the awkwardness was gone. She was smiling at me while she rubbed my cock on her perfect boobs. Lovely cock sucking, and ball licking proceeded. Smiles, eye contact, and compliments were exchanged. Soon I had the beautiful Bohemian girl from the porn videos bouncing on my dick. What an amazing view. Her body is beautiful, and perfect. Her skin is smooth, and her body is firm. What a lovely butt! Finally, I was doing her doggy while she tickled my balls. She said something sexy to me. I said, “oh yes, talk dirty to me.” She did. That sexy accent is amazing, that combined with her very snug, beautiful, tight little pussy, an d the ball ticking she was giving me. I did not last long, and soon exploded into my condom. This lady is extremely good at what she does, and I have never experienced better. We got cleaned up, and she cuddled with me. We tried for a round 2, but my body was not having it. Cleaned up, and dressed. Lucky gave me a very warm hug, and we exchanged light kisses. She smiled at me, and departed. The warm energy I got from Lucky was very special. Treat this lady well, she deserves it…

Review – by John.T (Prague) – review was published on:

We have meet in the hotel room, meeting was initiated via email, every email send was replied back.

Final arrangements were made via phone call. I was suppressed, very beautiful woman on my door!.

A very polite lady, patient, talkative to the right amount… and a very good listener to!.

Good looking, sexy and naughty…. I was really having trouble holding back as I wanted to enjoy more…. she was amazing!.

Extremely satisfied would recommend. She gave me tips for local restaurants in the area… those were excellent. Will sure she her on my next visit! Excellent GFE..

They don’t allow me to rate her 10 as a new user… nonsense….

Meeting Lucky was extraordinary.

Review – by Yohann (France)

I have had the opportunity to meet Lucky Theodorova. I was afraid to meet a young woman professional and too mechanical at a meeting but to my pleasant surprise it was just the opposite.She is a very beautifull young woman with a pretty captivating glance but mostly she is nice and very friendly.I loved our meeting and I hope to meet her again for a pleasant moment with her naughty.

Review – by Bernie (Bavaria)

A few years ago I saw on the internet a movie with many beautiful girls but only one caught my attention. After much searching I learned her name -Lucie Theodorova-and the first time met her two years ago in Prague.Soon we arranged next meeting and it was a lot more. Recently we made the lang-planned four-days holiday in Germany.It was my best holiday ever. Lucie is exactly what I expected at first impression and hoped. Uncomplicated, reliable, enthusiastic, always in high spirits and the most important thing, normal.About her beauty I dont need to write everything, it is obvious. And on holiday many people were next to me, which was clearly visible, very pleased to see such a beautiful and nice young woman.Lucie thanks for this wonderul irreplaceable time. Of course I’ll try again to find a nice place for vacation to explore with you. Thanks again, Bernie from Bavaria.

Review – by Rick (Boston)

I recently had the distinct pleasure of spending somequality time with Lucie. The initialcontact with Lucie was incredibly easy, and without any hassles at all. Lucie responded to my initial inquiry within a few hours, and we communicated several times over the next few weeks. I scheduled a trip for her to meet me in Dubai for 2 full days while I would be travelling through there on business. The 48 hours spent with Lucie is like a chapter from a fairy tale. She is not only one of the most beautiful women you could ever meet, but she is incredibly smart and fun to be around. The sex was absolutely hot and memorable, but equally enjoyable was her companionship. We spent time shopping, swimming at the beach and in a swimming pool, socializing over drinks in several lounges, and dining in amazing restaurants. My time with Lucie was nothing short of amazing! Several other reviewers have stat ed that two hours with Lucie is not enough. I would certainly say that two days is not enough either! She’ll make every moment you spend with her special and unforgettable. Thank you Lucie for being exceptional in every way possible. You are more than just an elite escort. You are an incredible woman! I look forward to the two of us adding additional chapters to the fairy tale started in Dubai

Review – by Thomas (USA)

My review which you can post on your site:Great time. If you have a fantasy about an adventure with a pornstar, and someone who has been on the cover of playboy and penthouse then I would reccomend Lucky. She can really fuck. She also has a really great personality, smile and is pleasent to be with. Two hours with her was not enough.

Review – by Markus (Germany)

In July I was in Prague for sightseeing and I have met Lucky at my hotel.The contact was easy and pleasant first with mail and later with SMS.

She arrived in time in the lobby, I recognized her immediately.Lucky was dressed very well, she is very cute, tanned and in great shape.

Absolutely natural, like the girl next door ! It was really nice to communicatewith her on different topics.

Sex was outstanding in different positions with the best blowjob in my lifewith eye contact like in real porn.

I will definitely meet her again in Prague or in another city.Thank you Lucky for a fantastic time together,

I would recommend her to anyone, she is the whole package for a great appointment.

NEW Review – by Norbert123 (on

I have met Lucky several times in Milan now, as she comes here every couple of months, so after knowing for sure that a great time and enthusiastic sex with her is guaranteed, I decide to review her and recommend her to you all. – international sex guide

NEW Review – by DorianG (on

I met Lucky in Prague for a sex date.She is a pretty girl, I can confirm that she is the known pornstar and pics on her web are of her. Read more – Lucky Theodorova

NEW Review – by Yorkie (on

Nice curvy look with natural breasts.Good tan.I agree with the rest of the reviewers about the fact that she looks a bit different than her videos,but it’s completely natural,I mean it’s been a while since she retired from the porn industry. Read more – Lucky Theodorova

Review – by Rongel (on

Twee weken terug een avondje doorgebracht met Lucie Theodorova in Praag.

Erg leuk, van harte aanbevolen. En….echte pornstar, net zo heet als in haar films. (En voor een pornstar niet eens overdreven duur geprijsd)

Review published on:, date: 19-03-15

Review – by Mike

I had the sublime privilege of spending some quality time with Lucie in January 2015. Lucie was a delight to deal with throughout the whole experience.

She was very prompt responding to my initial enquiries, and even contacted me a few days before our date to ask if I would like her to choose a restaurant and make a reservation for us.

Lucie arrived looking exquisite and like the perfect dinner companion. The restaurant she chose was awesome and our private time together was just divine.

I would recommend Lucie to anyone looking for more than just some random bedroom action. She is smart and funny, and truly one of the most gorgeous women I have ever met. If I didn’t live so far away I would be definitely seeing her again soon!

Review – by Transduction on TER

One of the hottest babes I’ve ever been with, and I’ve been with some hot ones. MORE IN FO ON TER

Review – by Salvatore from Sardinia

I can only say that with Lucie in Prague I found the woman of my life :-)…. I met her a few days ago while I was on holiday in Prague……she is the most beautiful and the most nice girl in Prague and also of the world for me…

Her eyes are amazing and her wonderful is a ray of sunshine……and then she is a girl that really makes pleasure to talk and be together…she is really a very special girl and she will make you spend some wonderful moments ……..already I miss her so much……I can not wait to meet her again 😉

I LOVE THIS GIRL ;-)……..Thanks again for everything Lucie……..See you soon and take care my love!!!

Te quiero mucho mi CERVEZITA!!! 🙂

Kisses and Besitos :-*


Salvatore, Sardinia

Review – by Mike from LA

Lucky is a world class and excellent provider. Time with her is not rushed and without any pressure. She is extremely good natured and a lot of fun. She even helped to make my overall experience in Prague better with many recommendations on how to spend my time. And she is very accommodating, however you want to spend your time with her and is willing to go the extra mile to do whatever you want to do. She is extremely highly recommended!

Review – by HUTTELDORFER – on

Meeting Lucky Theodorova was my dream for a long time now, but our schedules never connected until now. I finally found myself in Prague so I took this opportunity to contact her and arrange a date…

Read more on:

NEW Review – by LarsBrown – on

I met Lucky in Prague for a short outcall date.

I saw her movies and I wondered how does she look in real life, how did she age, how is she in bed…

I would meet again and I recommend to all who want to meet a famous porn star.

Review – by Ryan from Cape Town

I was scared to book Lucie as I did not know if it was going to be the real Lucie Theodorova or another girl.

I started to talk to Lucie over emails. She answered my emails very quickly and then I decided to book Lucie for 24hours.

We met at my hotel and when I saw her she was as beautiful as her pictures.

I like brunettes so for me Lucie theodorova is one of the most naturally beautiful girls and has the most amazing smile.

Her personality is also number 1, she will talk to you like she knows you for a very long time. We started talking a little bit and then she showed me Prague.

We went to lots of placing in Prague, and I tried all different types of food and drink. After a long day with my favourite girl in the Prague we decided to rest in Hotel.

The rest of the night was very fun and whatever Lucie and I did that night and where we went that is between us.

I had one of my best days in my life in Prague and that is thanks to Lucie.

Please respect her as she is very very special. I hope this is not goodbye but the start of a good relationship between us.

See you soon..



Review – by AliHassan – on

I planned to book Lucky Theodorova for a long time. But I was not sure what to expect from a porn star (I mean I watched all the videos) so I waited till my trip to Prague to get a short booking with her.

I met her for 2 hours only. Lucie is a very beautiful girl with OK body and lovely face.

Review – by Ponfarr – on

One of the best things about Prague is the amount of porn-stars who escort there, so it’s a good place to go for a week and live out your fantasies.

Lucky Theodorova is one of my favorite ex-porn stars who escorts, so I took the chance to see her. She looks truly awesome in her videos, which she stopped making around 2008.

I read some reviews on other forums which suggest she …

Review – by NumberOne1

Have you ever kiss a goddess? I just did it in Prague! I feel so Lucky!

I decided to write here for sharing my experience in Prague during this last weekend.

I was travelling to Europe for business and I decided to book Lucky Theodorova…read more InternationalSexGuide

Review – by Jan from Germany

I met Lucie in Prague for 2 hours in early February 2014.

Having recognized that it was possible to see her personally, I immediately contacted her by e-mail and got a friendly answer very quickly.

It put a smile to my face to know that it’s really her writing to me.

The whole planning was very professional-her English is absolutely fluent-also in conversation.


Lucie looks gorgeous.

During the meeting, time just ran by and I regretted that I had such a little.

It’s hard to put into words,but you can’t really imagine that it’s really her right next to you-but I can guarantee you it is her!

It all seems like a dream…and talking about dreams, they ALL come true.

Despite this fact (which I don’t even need to write much about), I want to mention that we had a great social time.

Lucie is a very smart and polite character with a great sense of humour.


Thank you very much,Lucie and please stay exactly the way you are!

My review on – by Setj

Har vart sugen på en träff med en riktig pornstar när jag var i Prag senast bokade jag Lucie Theodorov. Att boka gick enkelt via mail kvällen före fick jag sms att hon väntade på mötet nästa dag… READ MORE HERE

Positive review on – by Juan1972

I have met Lucie first time on June this year for twelve hours and since then I have been visiting her regulary every month in Prague… we went for shower together and had great doggie in there… READ MORE HERE

My review on – by JBE765

Reporting from my trip to Prague last week.I always wanted to meet a real porn star that I know from the porn videos.I found Lucie Theodorova with not such a good review here… READ MORE HERE

Feedback sent by my client – nickname: Chris T.

Lucky , you was my dream for many years! I was heartbroken when you stopped making movies and I could not see you any more. Finding you working as escort was the very best thing that has ever happened to me. Thanks for the great time. You made me feel great and made all my wet dreams come true. I love you and I will see you again.

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