August was till now the best month because of summer weather and many adventures. As you may know I loooove summer and dont even work much because I travel to enjoy the sun 🙂 This month I started with a course – I was checking that course for half a year on facebook and became very interesting in that – 5 days intensive course of Quantum physics – a therapy. It means how to use and work with the quantum energy to be happy, healthy and have all we wish in life. We were group of about 30 people here in Prague and got certifikate so I can even help another people 🙂 Of course for that I need more practise, but it is very helping to know how to change the life to be better 🙂

Straight after this course I went for 4 days vacation with my german friend (vinotheke). We stayed in Germany as every year, but we did a lot of sightseeing and travelling in a places with beautiful nature so I was happy 🙂

I also spend 3 days in our summer cottage with brother and father. These days were warm so every day I travelled with my car to sunbath – one day to the bay and second day to a big pool. The evenings we did roasted sausages on the fire (like always) with few beers and rums and that weekend I enjoyed there so much we said we will go there on September again for the last time this year when the weather will be good.

As the forecast sayed last warm days I travelled with one my friend to a Lipno lake and Český Krumlov for a few days. I visited Lipno for the first time. The nature is amazing, just the lake has a little green water, so we were swimming only one time and then we better went to the hotel pool. The other day we found the greatest pool in a small village near Lipno. Big pool with a few people and forest around – what a dream 🙂 In Český Krumlov we spent 2 days as my friend never been there before and it is our second most beautiful city (after Prague 🙂

Few days after this trip I spent a whole weekend  for a course here in Prague – it was the same as before Quantum therapy, but second level. I am so clever now :-))))

So this was my August. Still doing something 🙂 And as summer is over, I am again available for meetings and it will be nice to talk to you about our vacation while relaxing after passionate sex 🙂 And something extra – I can make you feel even better as a specialist of quantum energies. Good sex, good feelings – double portion of happiness 🙂


Yours Lucky