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Like every year February is cold and lazy. Many people go for warm vacation or ski. Vacation I already had and I dont ski, so some days were long and dark, but it is getting better 🙂

While checking my calendar I can see I didnt do much 🙂 I started to go to gym again several times a week as I wanted to get some energy, be fit and I love cooking. My father who lives near can confirm :-))

One weekend I went out of Prague to meet a friend for a pig-sticking. When used to live my grandfather he did that once a year, so I remember it was a lot of fun and food (fun I mean when the meat was already ready :-)) The weekend was great – the first day – a lot of food and drinks. Good people, nice atmosphere. But the second day woke up with hangover and full stomach – in the end was a big Saturday home party :-)) Some days you just feel to eat and drink, not your fault :-))

And for another weekend I went for work to Italy for 2 days to Desenzano. I have been in Italy few times and every time I think it is one of the most beautiful countries. We were by the lake Lago di Garda, what a natural miracle with the mountains! The client is a go-cart racer and that weekend was there a big race. He didnt join the race, but showed me a world of adrenalin and speedness. I have tryed few times here in Prague, I love it, just one round is enought as you feel whole body after :-))

I remember in my last blog I didnt write about my car. Well – I am still getting better and without accident 🙂 Still driving with my friend, but slowly starting drive alone, keep me fingers 🙂 If you can do it, I can do it!

For work it was a lower month and I am not surprised. Who wanna travel in that cold weather? March is promising more sun and temperature 🙂

So if you wanna have a nice sightseeing or just bed fun, I have the solution 🙂

Keep warm your body!

Your Lucky