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As you can see, I have new website 🙂 Last one needed some changes and I found new company to take care about. It took a while to make it new, so thats why I didnt write any blog and also wasnt sure if somebody read it, but my webmaster promised me he will read so that was the motivation I needed :-)) Also my previous company translated this blog to english, now I have to do, sorry for some mistakes .-)

So what is new in my life? Last blog I wrote about November. Was looking forward to write about December as my name day, birthday, Christmas, New Year – a lot going on! 🙂 Most of all I celebrated with my family, had dinner and few drinks. Birthday was also quiet as had work. I went for a party only once and it was in the beginning of month. It was enough :-)) For New Year I planned nothing and it was luck as I catched cold and had to stay at home. At least I cooked dinner and then was drinking wine with friend 🙂 It was easy New Year as last year so this year I will definitely go out! 🙂
December was very quiet for work, was surprised as last 2 Decembers were very busy. Then I understood…..Everybody was waiting till January!

Last 2 Januarys were very quiet, but not this year! Unfortunatelly I left for a vacation in period where JUST EVERYBODY wanted to meet me. What a bad luck! I planned this vacation 2 monthes ahead when not much work and in those 2 weeks I missed a lot of guys….Now quiet again :-)))))) Dont play with me guys!! 😀

For vacation I went for the first time to Thailand. Bangkok, Koh Samui, Krabi. From the fist day I knew 14 days will not be enought. Dont really understand why people says Thailand is cheap. For me not at all! :-)) I had normally nice hotels with pool near the beach and city, they were not as nice as european style and more expensive. But restaurants were cheaper then here 🙂 I just love thai food. Not too spicy, fresh fish or nice curry sauce. Lighter then czech food. I bought some spices, so I can cook at home also 🙂 Just was surprised, how expensive is their own beer and imported wine.
I enjoyed the warm weather (sometimes too much humidity), beach, food, coctails, driving scooter, sightseeing, sleeping and just RELAX. And I am still tan, if you wanna check it 🙂

Even I missed a lot of you, I choosed the best days, as it was in europe extremely cold, in Prague minus 10 which is not normal – and like this was all 2 weeks. The day I came back was first day nice, plus 5 and it was going better, no cold anymore, what a luck :-))

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We all know sex is important. And sex in Prague with me is the hottest! Wish you all the best for this year and hope to meet you 🙂

Sending few photos from vacation 🙂