Last month started great as I went to visit/work my friend with vinothek in Germany. I am always having relaxing time there as during the day we are going for trips outside (in any weather) and evenings he cooks for me and then we are watching tv. I have there my own room for sleep so it really feels like home 🙂
In the middle of October we went with my father for 2 days to our summer cottage. As it was nice indian summer we decided to stay there not 2 days, but 6! I enjoyed sooo much! My father was working around the cottage and I was daily going for trips with fathers dog Charlie. We had a long walks in a beautiful nature. And in the evenings, like always, we did sausages on the fire with few beers and rums 🙂

I have also friend near the cottage, so I visited her once. If the 6-th day wouldnt start rain, we would probably stay there longer :-)) We also wanted to go there in the end of October for only 1 night, but that night was warning of huge orkan (wind, 160 km/h) and especially in the mountains had to be big, so we stayed at home. Fortunatelly nothing happened to the cottage, we just would have been without electricity for a while and probably would be difficult to go back because of on the road downfallen trees. In Prague the wind was also big, but as in the city nothing to be scared.

And now is coming the biggest news of this year…….
I AM AN AUNT!! My brother and his girlfriend got a child, beautiful girl Ella – 10.10.2017
She had a term 21.10., so the night before it happened Davids girlfriend (Kristl) went to her parents for a visit and David (my brother) went to fathers flat for a night. Kristl was feeling fine that day so we thought it would be the last night we can drink and talk before he will become a father.

He said he better dont drink too much so he can drive home if something (1 h 15 minutes from Prague). It was a definitely sixth sence, because at 21 oclock she called him she is driving home and in the car her water broke! With 1 beer and 2 shots of rum he jumped into his car and hurried up home. She waited him home, went to the hospital together and at 4.47 Ella was in the world without any complications 🙂 So the day in the afternoon we went to Davids house to celebrate the child and I can tell you, we were celebrating till 4 a.m. so much, that Ella wont be ill :-))))

I visited them with my father 2 days ago, all is good, just Kristl is tired, but of course, you probably know that…..My brother is 31 years old and Kristl 28. I hope I will also have a family in the future 🙂
But until I will find Mr. Right, I am here for you 🙂 And because we cannot know what the future brings dont wait to meet me to experience something hot! 🙂

Yours Lucky