This article should be a bit special, because I didnt update for a long time. Well, last year was not a good year for me. I had troubles with work (very little), with me (sometimes was just too sad) and family (my father had some issues). On November was the worse situation when I started have problems with insomnia. For 3 weeks I slept maximum 3 h per day and finished at psychiatric doctor. He gave me pills for sleep and I got better.
Last year I didnt go much to our summer cottage and for Christmas plus New Year stayed with a friend, not with a father. That is why I didnt even wanted to write, as there was nothing positive.
This year on February I was in a hospital with pankreatitis for 12 days. Terrible experience. Now it is 1 month I am back home and, because of a diet, feel much better. I can work again 🙂
My father is fine, still living in a cottage and work in the village and brother is also doing well, he adors his family life with wife and daughter (2,5 years old). They are all healthy.
Many people told me this year should be a year of a possitive changes and untill now I believe that. All my bad situations last times I toke as possitive, because they learned me something new. And, sincerely, I needed that. These words what I am going to say I am telling every past 3 or 4 years. But this year I really want to make it happen: I would love to find my Mr. Right and start to live a normal life like other people. I like my job, but this is only because I am single. Also I am single because of my job (in some ways). So if anyone of you would know about some interesting job for me please dont hasitate to tell me. Or if somebody is single and wanna ask me for a date, can try 🙂 This year I have a feeling I wanna change the world. My world. So lets see how many brave and luck I will have 🙂
And last thing: dont be afraid to travel to Czech because of coronavirus. We only have few people ill and this virus is just another kind of flu. To be bit afraid is normal, but panic is pointless. In Prague is much less tourists and it is a shame. Some days you can feel the spring is coming 🙂 So hopefully I can meet you after you will start travel again and before I will finish. This year is really probably the last one.
I know it is coming late, but I would like to wish you all the best to this year, good health without fears, success at work and family and to keep fighting for better future. And of course a lot of sex! 🙂

Yours Lucky