While checking my calendar for September I can see I didnt do much, but the month went so fast! There was unfortunatelly not much work, but I was still doing something 🙂 We had for examle nice food and wine festival in botanical garden and funfair festival where I went to a small 5D cinema 🙂
One nice and sunny Saturday I went by car with my friend to Mácháč. We had a great lunch and nice walk, you know I love it there, especially the lake 🙂 Just a shame summer left us early this year.
Also I went with my father to our summer cottage for 3 days. My brother couldnt join us as he had a classmates meeting in our born city Studénka 🙂 While my father was working around the cottage, I toke his dog Charlie for a trip. We went to Dolní Morava to the forest, I know it there because as a child I was going there with brother, grandma and grandpa to pick a blueberries 🙂 On Saturday at noon my friend from Prague came by bus for a night to visit me at our cottage. We had a great program during the day and in the evening, like always, we grilled sausages on the fire and had some rums and beers with father 🙂 Probably it was the last time as the weather is getting cold.
On September we had also a mushroom season. And this year was big! I think every single czech person went to a forest. Facebook was full of pictures! :-))) I didnt go as I like more walking in the nature then looking for a mushrooms. But my father got from his friend a lot, so he cooked for me fried mushrooms, was good! I can say I tryed to enjoy indian summer as most as possible, I did a lot of walk and especially with my friend we were walking a lot, here in Prague or outside, always in the nature, sometimes we did 17 km per day 🙂
I like autumn too, you get more calm and have to find another activities. And having more sex or sightseeing with you will be the best activity for me! 🙂

Yours Lucky