Merry Christmas

It has been 2 months since I wrote my last blog, but you dont have to worry as I am usually doing fine 🙂 In those 2 months nothing really happened. I was driving a lot to visit my father so I can be call a profi driver :-)) I drove to the cottage in last half a year I think around 5000 km. I dont need navigation anymore :-))
Autumn in cottage is very different then summer. Instead of sunbathing I was every day cooking (fathers freezer is full) to dont be bored and after that I took a fathers dog Charlie for a walk. I drove with him somewhere, had a beer and then 1,5 hour walk in a nature. When we came back father was already home from work so I served him food and then we watched tv. Usually I slept in the cottage (have my own bedroom), just sometimes I slept in a pension nearby, when my father started going to work and it was already cold inside in the morning (there is only 1 fireplace for whole cottage).
Few days ago he finally moved to the flat in the city centre (5 km from the cottage). So he can enjoy the warm from a central heating 🙂
My brother David is doing great, very happy. His daughter was on October one year old and he did a small celebration with families and their friends. They are really a perfect family 🙂
I am still meeting my german friend Bernie. He lives in Prague already 5 months and I am glad to see him happy. He had settled down in his house and did a lot of work in the garden. Last month we went to Germany to meet his friends and we went for a concert of Katie Mehlua.
As it is December you know it is my favourite month because 13.12. I celebrate my nameday and 18.12. birthday. Nameday I will celebrate with father and for birthday I will work and then will have a few drinks.
For Christmas I will be with father as every year and for a New Year I will stay in Prague. Will visit a friend with his family, no big party. The good thing is that I will be here so if you will travel to our beautiful city I can meet you 🙂
Work is still fine and I am still single, free to show you czech passion 🙂
Next blog I will write next year, so I would like to thank you if you had met me and if not that you are reading my blog 🙂
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Dont be stressed with buying Christmas presents, enjoy the hotwine and sweets and always have enough sex :-))

Yours Lucky