September was definitely the best month of this year. As the weather was surprisely warm and sunny, wanted to enjoy las summer days and was travelling a lot. First I had to go for a week work/holiday with one client to Gran Canaria. Unfortunatelly a day before our flight he cancelled and as I was looking forward for vacation and my luggage was packed, I called my friend to Munich and visited him for a 5 days. I went to the pool and also we did sightseeing, so I really felt like having holiday, just without sea 🙂


After this I visited one my favourite hotel not far from Prague for 1 day. As pool and sunbathing is my big passion, was whole aftenoon by the pool there and evening enjoyed beautiful nature around, food and amazing room. The day after I went to Máchovo jezero, big lake with fantastic nature. As I love swim, nature and sun, stayed there for 3 days alone having easy relaxing days by the water. And by car is not far away from Prague, so this is my new favourite place in Czech Republik (except our summer cottage :-), sometimes I just drive there with my car to have a walk in the forests and come back. And also was my first time having vacation alone and even I was afraid I wasnt bored and happy to try it 🙂


I also went to Lisboa! For a week with my friend. Weather was still warm, just the sea far away, but at least once we had trip to the sea (after Thailand on January was the second time this year I was by the sea :-). Many years ago I was in Lisboa for work, but didnt remember much. The city centre I didnt like especially, but the houses outside were nice and modern. And they have many parks, even in the centre, I loved it. We had amazing hotel and also I went 2 times to the pool, so I was happy 🙂 And in Prague summer that time already finished, so was the best good bye with sun 🙂


If you didnt reach me available on September, it was because I had my vacation for almost 3 weeks. Never in my life had so much and was the best decision 🙂 Now autumn is here and I am ready and relaxed to warm you up with smile and sexual skills :-))


I still offer guide services to show you our beautiful city.


Stay warm 🙂

Yours Lucky

Lucky Theodorova, Amanda Heart