November was month of travelling. I  the beginning I was for 4 days in Germany visited my friend Bernie with vinothek. The weather was already bit cold, but we enjoyed like always, every day we were for some trips outside and evenings he was cooking and we were watching tv. Nice relax:-)

After Germany I flu for 2 days to London. After long time for work with a new client. It was so cool! I have visited London for 4 days some years ago and also this time I was shocked how the city is alive. We had hotel right in the centre and it was all the time full of people anywhere around. It gives you so much energy. We had a great program, dinner, casino, hotel bar, next day bit shopping and then I went to the airport. When I came back home it seemed nobody is here :-))

I also went to our summer cottage for 2 days. It was for last time this year to prepare the cottage for the winter (we are not going there in winter). This time my brother went us. So it was like before, David, father and me, before Davids babygirl born 2 months ago 🙂 Because the cottage is in the mountains, it was already cold. During the day around 4 degrees and in the night around 0. As you know every evening we do there sausages on the fire outside. Normally we dont even go there on November, but because David didnt go there for 2 months because of his family we said as we are there we will do the fire outside. It was minus 1 and bit snowing, but we did it! Rum was helping us :-)) After 2 h we went inside the cottage, where thanks to a fireplace were 27 degrees 🙂 Davids best friend came to visit us with his family for an hour and when they left we played cards untill midnight. I am happy I have such a gorgeous family and cou ld spent with them unforgetable time. Next visit to cottage will be probably on April.

While checking my calender I can see I visited Bernie in Germany again in the end of November for whole week! I think we are best friends now :-))

Since September the work is much lower then before. Untill now. I spoke with some agencies and they have also very little work. It is stressy, especially now before Christmas. Hopefully will get better and I will meet some of you till the end of this year 🙂

Next week I will have a name day and the week after a birthday, Christmas and New Year, there will be a lot to write on January :-)) For Christmas day I will stay at my fathers place as always, for a birthday I will take my family for a dinner and for New Year I have no plans yet.

Anyway, December is for me the best month as there is a lot going on. At my home I already did a christmas decoration and have some presents, so my christmas mood started 🙂

I wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and hope we will have a succesfull next year full of sex! 🙂


Yours Lucky