It has been a while since I wrote last blog. I was just enjoying the summer, as you might know I love warm summer days spending by sunbathing at the pools or lakes. I had some vacation, I spent few days at my favourite location Mácháč lake and around 8 days travelling by car to another czech countryside pensions, which all had beautiful pools and restaurants 🙂 I always choose new ones so it can be a little adventure 🙂
As my father moved to our summer cottage, I visited him here very often. 30 mins drive from cottage is a big pool, so I can say I have a really nice sun tan 🙂 Almost daily we did barbecue enjoying the nice sunny days and quiet evenings. My father lives in the cottage a few months already and he was looking for a job. It took a while, but he found and started 24.9. He works in the office with normal working hours and nice colleagues. Finally I can see him happy 🙂
I am just writing now from the cottage 🙂 I came for a few days as tomorrow will come also David (my brother) for a 3 days. So we will do probably last barbecue outside (it is getting cold) with some beers and rums 🙂
I also visited my german friend Bernie. He moved to Prague so I was helping him with garden, furniture and cleaning. He is also finally happy 🙂
By the end of August I finished with rent of my working flat in Prague. I had the flat for 5 years. It was a very nice flat in a nice quiet location, but mostly for czech people and I decided to work mostly with tourists. When I cannot visit them in their hotel I can rent a room in an hour hotel in the centre and like this is better. I needed some change, we all do after some time 🙂
I also met my another german friend Holger with whom I was travelling a lot before. We usually visited german cities. He contacted me if I would like to travel with him to Vienna for 5 days and I couldnt say no. I love Vienna! I was there once before with him and I felt in love with that amazing city. We did some sightseeing and also I visited 2 pools :-))
During summer I had some nice works, a lot of small for 1 or 2 hours and some as a guide also. It is still not so cold to go out and show you the beautiness of Prague 🙂
There is nothing else new, so I will just be looking forward to meet new clients while I will be in Prague.
Hope you had a interesting and resting summer, some nice vacation and hopefully you can tell me about it personally 🙂

Yours Lucky