Lucky PornStar

While checking my calendar I am surprised what an easy month I had. Such a big working break I didnt have for a more then a year. There was not much work so now I know what does it mean spring lassitude :-)) I had a lot of free time so I did nice walks in the city, sometimes went to the cinema, some trips with my car and meeting friends. My brother had a birthday so one Saturday I went with my father for a grill party to his house when nice sunny weather. He bought a new plastic pool so I am looking forward to go there again and refresh a bit 🙂 We are also planning to go to our summer cottage as this year I was there only once. I miss that beautiful place! As summer is finally here, after hard long winter, I also went for a night to amazing pension with pool 1 h from Prague. Have never been there before and I can say that was just perfect! Based in the nature with incredible big garden and terrase, pool, nice designed rooms and restaurant. After whole day outside I slept t
here like a baby 🙂 I am also planning to go to Mácháč, if you remember my favourite lake.

I almost forgot I was watching every game we played in hockey championship! Normally I dont watch hockey but every year when championship I am crazy for it as whole Czech Republik. Except the first game I saw all of them! Always with my friends inside the restaurant or outside where big screen when nice weather. I love the atmosphere, where all people are concentrated and keep fingers for the same thing. You can speak with anybody, it is like one big family, even you dont know eachother you are all friends in that moment.

Some of you ask me if I plan some vacation. I dont. As I am alone and working independent, I go when I have no bookings for a night of two somewhere here in Czech. Of course it would be nice to go to a sea, but alone is not that fun. I am a women, I need to talk to somebody :-)) But that is good for you as I would be available for a meeting 🙂 I had here in Prague also for a visit my german friend with vinothek and we spend great 2 days. And that is all what happened :-))

This month I will go Germany for 3 days so I can write a bit about it in next blog. For this month I have already several bookings so I am happy I will meet some of you and will have fun, exploring the city or the bed 🙂

There should be always time for your hobbies and sex is the best hobby I know, let me share my experiences with you 🙂

Yours Lucky