As you probably know December is my favourite month. Not because of cold, but because of many celebrations and presents 🙂 The first starts 5.12. – the day of Saint Nicholas. Here in czech we have a tradition that Nicholas, Devil and Angel brings to the children sweets. Children believe that they are for real and have to promise parents they will behave good whole this year 🙂 And if they werent good last year the Devil should take them to the hell. Some children get very scared. But for adults is a lot of fun as you can give to the parents also some alcohol or sweets 🙂 In my family we give alcohol and sweets to eachother, even we are adult, we like traditions 🙂

13.12. is my name day. I got from father and brother some small presents and toke them for a dinner.
18.12. I had 35 birthday 🙂 I was celebrating in Germany with my friend Bernie, I went there for 6 days again. I also had a family celebration with father and brother, it was nice 🙂
Christmas day I have spent with father at his flat, like every year. I was cooking potato salad and soup and he prepared fried carp, our traditional food. After dinner we gave us the presents and rest of the evening we were watching tv. Easy and quiet like always, I love christmas atmosphere, all the decorations, lights, trees, christmas songs. I am always looking forward to it 🙂

Just this year was a bit stressy as I have been in Germany a week before Christmas day so I had to buy all presents before, but then could relax and just look forward 🙂
For a New Years Eve I had no plans. I didnt wanna go for a party, but of course didnt wanna stay at home. So we decided with father to be together. He cooked lunch, then we went to the cinema as he is a fan of Star Wars, then dinner in a restaurant and finally home. My younger years I couldnt imagine to dont go out and now is totally fine 🙂 Nobody is getting younger :-))
As we didnt drink much I had no hangover the day after. What a nice start to this year 🙂

For last 3 years I am always saying I will finish this job soon, but this year I think it will really happen. I will be 36 years old and still single, so I should start to think what else in my life.
If I think about last year I can say it was easy year, nothing really happened. Work was less then usuall, but still fine and the most I enjoyed was summer as I went several times to our summer cottage and was also travelling here in czech for swimm and walks in the nature 🙂
I never give a determinations in the beginning of year , I just let the life flow, so lets see, where I will find myself in one year 🙂 So as this is probably my last year of work I hope I will meet many of you and we will have a lot of fun together in bed and also outside 🙂
I would like to wish you all the best for this year, happiness, success, be healthy and especially…..
lot of sex! 🙂

Yours Lucky