Those of you, who are reading my blog knows, that I was always bit wild, but romantic. My life (except last 1,5 year) was full od action, hobbies, activities, kind of happiness from the moment. Future made me worry, but I didnt make plans as I always prayed the future will find me and gives me a hand. So I could concentrate for the present moment. And wait – as for love. And love, with the future – hand to hand, finally found me 🙂
What a feeling! Something I wished for for so many years beeing single, dreamed about, wrote on a paper, bought a books, this miracle came to me 2.5.2020 🙂
My dream man is czech, 46 years old and I met him by a very big occasion – of course :-)) I have a friend and he is a coowner of a pension in CZ. Because now are accommodations closed, he invited me there for a week to dont stay at home. I was happy! We stayed in a regio of Šumava, the biggest protected forest area in Czech My heros name is Leoš, I met him there. It was love for first sign. I never saw such a smily handsome man. We started to talk, changed numbers and – we were together 🙂 Just one thing – he lives in Switzerland – so I will move when I can cross the borders. We will live near Bern by the lake. He already found me a job, I will work in a restaurant. That will be a big change, as for last 9 years I was working only as escort. But before I have done some normal jobs, so I must only go through the beginning. And I am learning german. By myself and also online with a teacher. I have learned german in high school, so I remember something. Now are my last days in Prague….Corona has changed life to many people and to me also – unbeliavably!
We know eachother only for 3 weeks and we are already moving in together….This is like a fairy tale Pretty Woman and it happened to me! I am really lucky 🙂 I know it is all crazy, but now I can understand the words – when you are meeting the right one you know. Hope you have also such an experience 🙂
Well, about coronavirus. Who would think that will be such a good season to me and not only because of Leoš, but at all – I had a good time. Yes, I didnt work, but from the beginning some of you were supported me financially, so I could survive and also our government gave us 2200 euros. Once more thank you for your help and not only those of you who have sent money, but also who asked how I am, who worried. With many of you I am in touch for some time and it is pleasant to know you care. My father and brother are good, healthy and they didnt stop work, so in their lifes are no changes. Just my brother is selling our summer cottage, so father is looking for a new flat from 1.7. He would like to stay in the same city as now.
What to write for the end – life in porn, in erotic bussiness at all, was very interesting and gave me many opportunities and experiences. Many times I was thinking if I would have changed something and NO, because I really enjoyed. Of course not every day, I had many moments to grapple with human impeachment, envy, contemn because of work I was doing. But because I have always done nice scenes, nothing I would regret, shamed of, I do feel proud. Secretary job is really nothing to me, I need some moving, changes, feel life. But I also like things to be settled and this is what I was missing lately. Now should be all ok, lets try 🙂 Most of my life I was single, you would probably think how could I have been because I am pretty, but it is not all. I think I had to work on myself to be really ready. I will live a long life, so in the end – there is nothing to hurry 🙂 You know I always liked my job, but I hope I will not come back. I am 37 years old and in erotic I was for around 12 years. That is a lot of sex :-))
I had so many wonderful moments with you I will never regret, never forget. Maybe I will write a book one day, if somebody remember what all I have done :-))
So I would like to thank you for life you have made up for me, hope you survived corona crisis as easily as possible and wish you to have a life you have dreamed of………….Because – as you can see, dreams finally comes true 🙂
P.S. And of course a lot of sex! 🙂

Yours Lucky