First weekend of April I went with my brother and his girlfriend to visit our grandmother to a senior house. She is around 85 and has Alzheimer, so she needed somebody to take care. The house is in a small city in a nature, there are forests around, what a beauty 🙂 My grandma loves nature and she has a good roommate, she is happy there 🙂 Unfortunatelly she already forgot who we are…But was smily and positive as always and was nice to see her anyway 🙂

The second week I went with my Ostrava friend to Slovakia to High Tatras for 4 days. I enjoyed there a lot in excelent hotel and interesting daily trips. I was in Slovakia only one time in Bratislava many years ago and once in Hight Tatras 2 years ago. I love it there. Beautiful mountains, everything is clean. I can tell you I was very surprise in every single city or village we passed by car the houses were very modern! Places around houses were organised, grass was cuted, like in Austria or Switzerland 🙂 I know Slovakia has economy troubles especially they accepted euro, but from outside you cannot see it. Congratulations! 🙂

The week after that I visited my german friend with vinothek. As always we had a great time. Every day we were travelling by car somewhere, had some nice walks, lunch and as my friend is a good cook, every evening he cooked for me 🙂

So I can say April was a good month, bit crazy weather, but spring is slowly coming and with sun the life is happier 🙂

On Friday is starting world hockey championship and as every year I will watch few games, hope Czech republic will be succesfull 🙂

And I hope on May will meet a lot of my fans, because you are important part of my life 🙂

Viva hockey and sex! 🙂

Yours Lucky