My work/vacation with my client/friend for one week. I choosed this destination as I lived there 10 years ago and wanted to come back for nice memories. But evening before our departure, when having dinner, after long period of a really bad season and having kind of a dejection from life he told me he is in love with me and wanted I will be only his. I didnt agree as I didnt feel the same so after 2 hours of conversation and some glasses of wine we decided to dont go. It was a real pitty as we were looking forward to sun, beach, nice hotel and good time of relax, but what can you do. When is in love only one person, love cannot grow.

So I was thinking what to do. Was checking some last minutes by the beach, but didnt wanna go alone. In the end I decided to visit my best friend in Munich for a few days. In my next blog will tell you more about as today I am gonna go there 🙂 Sun is shining so what can be better for a sighseeing and it is many years I visited this city. Should be great 🙂
With this friend I will also go for a vacation to Lisboa 19. – 24.9., good I will have a lot to write about next month 🙂

August was for me more relaxing by the pool then work. I looooove sun and always when nice sunny weather I go to a city pool near my home. I am not into swimming much, but love to lie and sunbath as my skin gets very nice colour. This summer in Prague is amazing as almost all August is the sun shining and it will stay till middle of September.
I also went with one my friend for a 2 days trip to the location where summer cottage. My brother havent been there that weekend, so we stayed in a hotel near. We went to a cable car, observatory and to a bob sled trace, which I have been million times as I love it! What an adrenalin to go full speed! :-))
I also went for a weekend to Slapy – big bay only 45 mins from Prague. I had hotel in a golf resort so I could enjoy beautiful view. There was also a pool and very nice restaurant. As I said, this summer I am really having a lot of adventures 🙂

Next week, after very long time, as my brother moved out of Prague, he will come and we will have home party at my fathers flat. Like in old times – beer, rum, slivovice, oh, I have to be ready :-))))

About my car – I love to drive! I lost the biggest fear and found my talent 🙂

I hope you are also having a great summer and had your vacation and if not come to Prague as I can make your time unforgettable 🙂

Yours Lucky

Lucky Theodorova, Amanda Heart