The beginning of April was interesting as I went for a half day course How to handle stress. Even in my life I dont have much stress I wanted to know little more about it 🙂 The informations were fine. Nothing as I expected, but if you need some advice, ask me :-))

As spring already came, even later then normal, 2 weeks ago I went for my first food festival in Prague 🙂 Last years it became more popular, so this year we will have more then usual. It was good, small, but many good tastes 🙂
Last week we had another food festival – asian. It reminded me my vacation in Thailand and my favourite vietnamese chicken soup Pho 🙂

For this weekend I am very looking forward. My brother will have 30 birthday and we will celebrate on our summer cottage. What a best place for a party! We all know how it will finish :-))

And the biggest news is – I am driving my car alone by myself! Yes, I did it! The first time I was very nervous but it was ok, so now sometimes I try and slowly getting better 🙂

On April I had also more work then before, I can see as sun is shining you feel more energy 🙂
I can recommend my guide experience too!

This month I will have vacation with my friend in Vienna and then week course for nutritionist, so next article should be unique 🙂

Hope you are having a nice time and if you need any vacation or just relax, I am here 🙂


Your Lucky

Lucky Theodorova, Amanda Heart