As you know, my father lives in Prague next street. I always met him many times, just for a coffee in his apartment or we went out for a beer, food or with his dog Charlie. Since we bought him a flat TV for his birthday on January I visited him many times for our movie evenings, that was really great! He lived in that flat since he moved to Prague with mum and brother 16 years ago. Even David left after high school and mum died he stayed in that flat. It was a very nice 3 big rooms apartment and as he made it furnitured you could feel relaxed there. The reason I write in past time is that in the beginning of May the owner asked him to move out as he need the flat for his company. Normally you get 2 months time, but he needed urgently so my father didnt have to pay last rent as apologize. From that moment started a month of hell. In this flat he payed little rent, because he was cleaning whole building and also was helping the owner (the owner owns whole building) to paint some rooms.

Immediatelly we started to look for a small flat. He was looking for 2 rooms, without furniture (he had his own) with balcony if possible (because of the dog) not far from area I live. Well, we found many, but amazingly expensive. 550 eur, sometimes without water and energies. For us czech people, with our czech salary, it is very expensive. Many owners told him no because of the dog….He went to see 2 flats, one was not nice and second the owner was choosing from 20 people! And he was not the lucky one. For 3 weeks we were desperate as 80% people didnt even answer to his email he would like to see the flat and 20% vere that polite they at least wrote they dont want the dog.

In czech every third family has a dog……The third weekend David went to the cottage so we were deciding if we will go also. We were so unhappy and stressed out. So we went. And since that decision I believe we have some angels watching us, because when I went for a walk with Charlie the way I goes for many years I met a neighbourg I never saw him there. Old man, 70 years and alone was happy he can talk with somebody and invited me for a beer to his garden. We were talking and he said he has a big 2 rooms apartment in the city (5 km) and he could probably rent to my father. Fully furnished and free, nobody lives there for 15 years since his wife died and he moved to his small cottage. The next day I toke my father and Zdenek (the old man) to see that flat. Beautiul! In such a nice quiet location in the centre, for only 120 eur + water and energies. Unbeliaveble! Just he bought this flat to his daughter (she had a big house 20 km away living there with her family) so she will never move there only sell when he will die. She doesnt want anybody to live in this flat so nobody can damage. Zdenek said its ok, he told her father wont be there much, he will stay in the cottage as most possible and will go to the flat only for a water, wash himself and clothes (in the cottage is no drinking water and normal water only from water well). Somehow she agreed (probably), because Zdenek said father can move in. So he gave all his furniture for free for transport, except bed, wash machine and freezer. With those things helped him David, he rented pick-up so now are 3 weeks my father lives in the cottage and when me or David comes for visit we drive him to the flat for water and wash. He is waiting for new driving licence (it has expired) and then we will buy him an old car so he can drive himself 🙂 Uff, I can tell you, the old man was a gift from God, otherwise I dont know how this would finish. Lets believe in miracles 🙂

Anyway, in the middle of May I visited Bernie and this man is also my gift from God, this time I was really stressed out and he helped me to calm down. Thank you Bernie for all your help 🙂
The cottage is 2,5 h by car from Prague, so it is a lot of driving. But you know, I love the cottage, the nature and piece and we are keeping our TV evenings there! 🙂

I think there is still something wrong with that flat and I will know it next week. Keep us fingers!
I hope you are having a nice summer (in Prague we have already summer) and as we know the best relax is sex and we all need to relax sometimes, lets meet 🙂

Yours Lucky