Start of this year was very easy and quiet. After many celebrations on December is January always relaxing. Even too much, as it was just little work. But at least I had time to visit my friend Bernie in Germany for 5 days and I am always enjoying there a lot 🙂
My father had 60 birthday and I planned for him a day full of adventures. We started at 13 oclock, finished at 23 oclock and he was very surprised and thankful. We had lunch, then came my brother, we all visited our friend, had cake, few drinks and went to the restaurant for a dinner. There was a live band and they played for him happy birthday, he was so happy 🙂 We also gave him a new TV so sometimes I go visit him and we are watching movies together.
Also my good friend had a birthday celebration, I didnt see him for a year as he is father of 2 small childs, but the meeting was great, like in the old times we had many many drinks and talk :-))

As that is all what have happened (except I saw many movies in cinema) I can remind you, that my brothers child girl Ella is doing great, she is healthy, very pretty, just she is sleeping day time and crying in the nights, so they are tired. But happy 🙂

I am still driving my car Honda, I can say I am already very good at it after 2,5 years and it is still the best relax for me to drive somewhere for a trip. In winter I dont do much trips as it is cold for walk (I usually drive somewhere to the nature take a walk). But spring is coming hopefully in 1 month 🙂 Also some clients asked me, they found a link, that I am on a black list of actresses who has HIV. That is a big stab and you absolutely dont have to worry. As you may know some stupid people are bored and put silly things to internet.

I am still working as guide also 🙂 Now in winter time less then in summer, of course, but still can show you some interesting and non-turistic places which you wouldnt find by yourself.
Saint Valentines day is coming soon so lets see about what will I write next time 🙂
Wish you a nice winter and stay warm! In my hug the best 🙂

Yours Lucky