Last month I was travelling again. With one of my regular client we went to Italy. We went there several times and this time, like one time we already did in the past, we went all the way by his car. I was excited as I had to drive also. He has nice czech car with automatic, like in my car, so that was easy for me 🙂 Because Italy is far, we did our first stop for sleep in the mountains in Austria. We had beautiful hotel in the Alps, but didnt enjoy it that much, as we arrived in the evening and in the morning we continued to Italy. To be more concrete – every day we slept in another hotel and spent in car daily about 6 hours. Some days even more. I like travelling, but this was nothing for me. The only sightseeing I had was from car and we did very little walk as hadnt much time because of long distances to travel.

The interesting part was that I visited in 5 days 5 countries – Austria, Germany, Switzeland, Lichtenstein and Italy :-))) I know clients car more then the countries, but was adventure to sleep every day in another hotel and another country, have a lot of memories 🙂 And I felt in love with lake Como in Italy, what an amazing place!

Some days after that I travelled to another very good client and friend in Germany. I visited him in his house near Regensburg. In a lovely small village in his big house he has a wine shop, where you can sit and have a drink. 2 evenings I spent in this vinothek talking with him and his friends. Nice older people, easy and relaxed, just most of them didnt speak english, so I had to brush off my german language from high school. Even I remember a little, was funny how we spoke with hands and facial expressions also 🙂 I also visited a beer museum there and saw typical german dance at this beer festival. I like Germany and its people, they are educated and stylish.

Because winter is coming soon, in a few days I will go for a course of safe drive (when wet and snowy road). Last winter I almost didnt drive when snow so this year a I wanna be prepared so nothing will happen 🙂 For the course I will drive to Ostrava, my born location and will stay there a few days to enjoy the nicest czech nature as you know I love it there 🙂 Not in Ostrava but the small towns near where the Beskydy mountains. I am looking forward but have fear also. Well – as we say in Czech – nobody felt from the sky already intelligent, we all have to learn 🙂

The rest of the days I was working and relaxing, sometimes driving somewhere for a trip or visit my brother and thinking how it would be to meet you in person. So dont let me wait 🙂


Yours Lucky

Lucky Theodorova, Amanda Heart