First weekend of November I went to Ostrava, where I made (as a christmas present of my friend) car school of hydroplaning. My brother used to be an instructor in this school, but I havent tryed this that time as I had no car. This school is great to do when you are a beginner in drive or you just wanna practise what everything you can do with your car when is a wet or snowy road. I did that with my car and as I am driving only one year and last year I didnt drive much when snow (was afraid), wanted to be ready for this winter 🙂 Before the course started I was quite nervous. We started with some theory and then we have tryed with our cars 4 disciplines. The first one was the most difficult for me and I thought I cannot make it. But in real situation on the road this can happen and thats why I was there! I had sooo much stress, but I did it! Got the certifikate and hopefully if something will happen in real life will handle this. T his course I can really recommend, it is very usefull for any driver, even when you drive many years as you will know better your car and your skills 🙂

In Prague it is cold, but luckily no snow or heavy rain yet :-))

The Christmas is coming soon, what a subject to write! Like every year I will buy presents a week before Chrismas as I always have a list what to buy and get it all in a few days, no stress. I am giving presents whole year so I dont have to buy that much :-)) This year I will spend Christmas with my father in his flat. I am alone, he is alone, so we will celebrate together and 25.12. will come my brother with his girfriend to celebrate with us, so I will have two famous dinners, which I will cook as every year 🙂

As you may know, I also celebrate name day 13.12. and birthday 18.12. As I already wrote last year, December is the best month 🙂 For name day I will just go for a dinner with my father and friend and birhtday I will probably celebrate on a party, as I didnt go for a party for almost a year! 16.12. is here a big hall party with my favourite music, so probably will go there as for New Year  I dont plan a party, have no plans yet. Last year I was ill at home and before last year I was watching tv with my friend in his house. So lets see what bring this year 🙂

Work is fine, Prague is still full of tourists who are not afraid to go out even when cold. Or I come to visit them to their hotels. Well, we all have to stay warm and what is better then with sex :-))

I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hope all your wishes will come true and if meet me is one of that then I am very looking forward to next year 🙂



Yours Lucky

Lucky Theodorova, Amanda Heart