July was a great month. I was busy with work and busy with traveling. After long time I travelled for a work abroad to a new client. As you might know I dont do overnights anymore. So I stay with a client whole day till 22 oclock and then I go sleep to my own hotel room. I like to sleep alone, is it more relaxing. But I understand that many of you wanna real girlfriend experience, so they dont agree. But one man from Stockholm did so I visited him for 24 h and had my own room 🙂 We did a lot of sightseeing as it was my first time in this beautiful city. As I love nature I was surprised in the city is a lot of green and lake, such a fresh air and relaxing enviroment, in such a city I could live 🙂 Just it was cold, but this you expect. Nice trip 🙂

When I came back home the day after I went to visit a girfriend to her cottage – house. It was sunny and warm and her son was there too, so we went to swim to a small lake near and in the evening we barbecued sausages on the fire. She has very nice house with a big garden, I had my own room there and I slept like a baby, it remind me a bit our summer cottage 🙂

When I speak about our summer cottage I went there for a weekend with my father. This time was there also my brother with his girlfriend. In the afternoon, while they were working in the garden, I went to a city swimming pool near. The water is always so cold! But few people and great big pool so I always enjoy there 🙂 In the evening we did barbecue on the fire beying happy we are all 4 together 🙂

I also had 12 hours work daytime with a client I know him for 3 years. As he knows Prague I planned a trip to a city Carlsbad, 1,5 h by car from Prague. And it was the first time I drove a client in my car 🙂 That day was there a world famous film festival. He has never been there and liked it a lot. Carlsbad is for me nicer then Prague. Smaller, with a beautil nature and amazing architecture. And the film atmosphere with a lot of people and markets was unforgettable! We didnt see any movie, but had a long walk and lunch enjoying the beautiness around 🙂
I also went to a leech treatment after long time! This time I had to travel to this woman to another city and because it was a bit far and I didnt wanna travel bleeding back I booked a hotel near so I toke it as a vacation 🙂

From curiosity I went to a health studio for a test of food intolerance. I have no alergy, but wanted to know if there is something I should not eat. I went possitive to wheat, cow milk and crab.
And the last thing I went to visit a friend – client (the one who has vinothek in Germany) for 3 days. We did some sightseeing as always and even the weather was not good I enjoyed the relax time there 🙂
So! Thats all :-)) I am sorry I wrote this blog later then usual, but as you can see I was busy 🙂 Next blog will be also very interesting, you can be looking forward 🙂
I love summer because there is always so much going on! You can travel, swim, have a beer in a beergarden, days are longer, so much positive energy.
I hope you are also having a good time and if you wanna spicy up your life you can have a good (and passion) time with me 🙂


Yours Lucky