Last month was important for me in two things: I started fully drive my car alone (even outside Prague) and I made a course for a Nutritionist.

I will start with the more easy thing – with the course :-))

It toke one whole week daily from morning till 17 h outside Prague in a hotel, where I lived, so had relax and could study a bit. I mean every evening by the dinner with bottle of wine :-)) 6 days of studying was ended by a test, which I did 88% right, so I passed and have certifikate 🙂

I still dont know if I will use this for work, but it was a lot of interesting news for me and I am happy I did it 🙂 Last weekend was in Prague american nutritionist celebrity and had half day class about healthy life style, I was there also. Now I know for example cancer can be cured and much more things you just dont hear in TV 🙂

Since like 3 weeks my car is now really my car as I can drive it alone. One day my friend asked me to come for him with car and I said yes, after half year driving I can try alone…..Was very nervous, but after some time I lost the big fear and now I am one of you 🙂 Happy and proud very much 🙂

I also went, as last year, for a concert Il Divo. 4 opera singers singing modern songs. This year it was all about latin music which I dont like much, but the show was great, I can really recommend 🙂

Also my brother celebrated his new house and 30 birthday, so that was a great weekend spending by the grill party with sunny weather at our summer cottage 🙂 I visited it for the first time this year and sure there will be more occasions to go there again.

One day I also went to a theatre for a stand up comedy with famous czech comedy actors and it was big fun. So much laugh and amazing atmosphere, never heard that much quips :-))

Now I am writing this blog from my vacation in Vienna, what an amazing city! I will write more in 2 weeks 🙂

Hope you are having nice summer and will meet you in Prague or anywhere else for a sightseeing and wild sex 🙂



Your Lucky

Lucky Theodorova, Amanda Heart