During winter months nothing much happened. This year is much more quiet by work then last years. I believe that people are more busy with their work, keep money, maybe dont travel that much or watch more porn 🙂
I had many relax days so I am happy spring is here and I can take a walk outside, go for a beer to beergarden and start to visit my father again, as I was visiting him this year only once. I will drive to him in a few days and because the weather is nice we will probably spend some time in our lovely summer cottage 🙂 On February came for a few days my german friend Holli. I didnt see him for a few months so we enjoyed our company with a lot of talk, good food and drinks. I am also regularly visiting my friend Bernie, who has moved to Prague last year. As spring came he is working on his garden what makes him very happy 🙂
Also my brother David got married! Unfortunatelly they decided to tell nobody except their 2 best friends as they wanted to save money. The first moment when he told me I was sad, as of course I wanted to be there. But it was their wedding, so I accepted that and I am fine already 🙂 Next month they will have a late wedding celebration for all family members, so I am looking forward 🙂 As you may know, now is World hockey championship in Slovakia. I love to watch our team in TV. I do so every year 🙂 We have very good players and untill now good score, so lets see how it will finish. I usually watch in pub or at home. But in pub is much better because of the atmosphere and adrenalin you can share with other people 🙂
Some of you asks me if I plan some vacation. I dont. Sometimes I will go visit my father and probably some days I will go to some pensions here in Czech like last year, but those trips I plan when no bookings. So I should be available for a meetings 🙂 Hope you are all fine and I can meet you if you will travel to our beautiful Prague 🙂

Yours Lucky