First weekend of July started great. I went to Ostrava  for 3 days with my 3 friends with my car. There was a biggest electronical open air festival, which I keep visiting since 3 years already. But this summer it was different as I was the only driver, so I decided to dont go for a party and enjoy clear head to be ok for driving on Sunday back. So on Friday as stayed in a hotel and had only a few drinks with one friend in a hotel bar. On Saturday was a beautiful sunny day, so I went with a friend for a trip around my born city to show him where I lived till my 19 years old. We went to Studénka, where I lived, to Bílovec, where I was born, to Odry, where we stayed at a pool and then to Vítovka, where I used to have a small cottage with my family. The cottage doesnt exist anymore, it was in a forest and now is there a beehouse. Unfortunatelly one bee stunged me to the head, because I had wet hair from the pool and she was probably thirsty as a hot day. I got scared and tryed to move her out from my hair, but she was more scared then me and attacked me. What a pain! In 2 days I had to go to a doctor and he said I have new (and only) alergy for a beep stung and gave me injection and pills as I really felt no good. Now I have to be more carefull…Unexpected adventure 😀

The second weekend of July I was also traveling near Ostrava, what a luck 🙂 This time by train and for work/holiday. I had my own hotel room in a very nice location by the Beskydy mountains and we did also a day trip with motorcycle to Slovakia, which is near. I can say, I really love my born area as there is amazing nature! It is just sooooo different then live in a capital. I love Prague, but I believe when I will be older and have family, I will probably move back there as nature calms me down 🙂 I have so nice remembers for the time I lived there.

But in Prague is always something to do, as for example I went to open air theatre for a comedy. It was my first time and was interesting 🙂

As was July, I had several works as a guide. All were about few hours showing historical parts in Prague, but I have always so much fun! I can see the places milion times and it will never be boring. I hope your summer is also about nice moments and if you are looking for some variegation, come to me 🙂

In the middle of August will be out for work in Germany for 5 days, will write about next month.

In the picture is castle from my home town Studénka 🙂

Have a nice summer!

Yours Lucky

Lucky Theodorova, Amanda Heart