This January was unusualy cold and snowy. Such a hard winter I dont remember. With this cold we felt like in Scandinavia! But skiers are very happy as the ski resorts made records with visitors 🙂
I dont ski, so I was just more at home or in a bar with friends 🙂
Last year on January I went for holiday to Thailand for 2 weeks. That time many of you asked me for a booking. This year I am in Prague, no holiday, but you are not here, typical…. :-)))
At my page you can see holiday on February. My good friend will turn 50 years old and we will make a little trip here in Czech and then to Berlin, where our favourite show in theatre will play. I am very looking forward as with this friend I have always funny time. So next month I have also something to write about 🙂 And in a few days I will go visit another friend to Germany for 2 days, I am happy as here was a quiet month, nothing really happened and I traveled only once to a friend to Ostrava for a weekend. This friend lives in mountains near Ostrava and I can tell you there was a lot of snow! As I said, who loves winter sports must be enjoying 🙂
On January my father had a birthday, so we had a little celebration. Was nice, my brother came also and we had that funny evening like in past times 🙂 I also took my father to the cinema (he havent been for a year) as he wanted to see Star Wars. I was surprised how great movie it was as I am not into this kind but I kept breath all the time!
January was an easy month, as many of you were probably resting after Christmas and New Year and also you are probably waiting for a better weather to travel 🙂
And if you are here for a bussiness I can help you relax after work 🙂

Lets enjoy the winter time in a restaurant with hot wine and then in bed with hot moves 🙂

Yours Lucky

Lucky Theodorova, Amanda Heart