2 in 1

I named this blog 2 in 1, because I am late with 2 blogs, so this will be about what happened on May and June. May started with visiting my good friend Bernie. As always I stayed in Germany for 5 days and enjoyed as real vacation 🙂

As you know, my father moved from Prague to our summer cottage. Last time I wrote there is something wrong with the owner. Well – finilly it wasnt! 🙂 He recognized me from internet and was scared that I will do escorting in his flat, which my father is renting (summer cottage is only for summer, he needs normal flat also). The owners name is Zdeněk. He didnt exactly tell me, but he behaved strange to the phone when talking to me and wanted to talk with me personally. He said he cannot tell me this to the phone, it must be in person. And he said that his family is also not happy he rented the flat to my father. I told him when I will come to see my father again I will visit him. But in the end it was not nescesary, because in meantime he became friend with my father. As he lives near he sometimes comes to see him for a talk and beer and only 1 time he asked my father one personal question and my father answered he doesnt know. Since that Zdeněk understood, that is better to have a real friend than have fights. Of course my father knows that Zdeněk knows, but he never asked again for nothing personal. Only when will I come again and father always says he doesnt know. I was there several times, but never met Zdeněk. So all is finally fine 🙂

As the cottage is 5 km from the city, my father needed a car. He refreshed his driving licence and bought old Skoda Felicia. So now he is totally independent 🙂 He is 60 years old, so he is looking for some easy job there before he will get retire. Unfortunatelly a month ago he felt down and broke 3 ribs, so it needs time to recover. On May and beginning of June I was going to see him quite often, even it is 2,5 h drive from Prague. Always for 2 nights. It is also kind of vacation for me, as I am qoing for trips with his dog Charlie, to the pool and every evening we roast sausages on the fire, talking having beer and rum 🙂 Now I am having more work as it is touristic season, so I will visit him soon again.

In the end of May/beginning June I had here a client from Sweeden. He also wrote nice review to my website – from Lars. We spent 3 half days together seeing the city, having lunch or dinner and talking in bed 🙂 It was my second time with him and 3 times half day is better than 1 time 1 hour, you get to know the person better. On September we will meet again 🙂 I also saw for lunch my old friend from Finland, he had difficult life season behind him and was visiting Prague, so we had interesting conversation. Sometimes life can surprise in a bad way, but we all needs experiences.

In the middle of June I again visited my friend Bernie. This time was really great as it was already summer so we went 2 times to the pool. And as you know, I looove summer and sun bathing, all kinds of pools or lakes 🙂 And we also had wonderful grill evening with his friends on terrase of their house. It was a bit special as after some hours, in the late evening, came big thunder storm. In Prague we dont have a big storms, so I really enjoyed that 🙂

I also went to visit for a night my friend, who has cottage 1,5 h by car from Prague. She is older (an owner of flat where I live) but we had a lot of fun 🙂 We went for lunch, for a walk with her dog and then we grilled a meat on the terrace, the weather was perfect. I stayed overnight and went back home, because I was expecting a visit – my brother! He had work seminar in Prague and because we didnt see for longer time, he stayed in Prague overnight and we did a small party 🙂 As he has 8 months old child he has not much opportunities to go out, so we enjoyed here like past times, when he used to live in Prague (maybe you remember my blogs we did family parties at my fathers flat 🙂 Now they are both away, just me didnt move. As I still didnt meet my Mr. Right, I am here for you 🙂 And as the weather is amazing, I can show you Prague around and then …… you know :-)))

Hope you are having nice summer, will enjoy your vacation and if you will need to relax, you know who to call 🙂

Yours Lucky